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Atlanta College Reinstates COVID Mask Mandates

Jul 17, 2023

An Atlanta college has reinstated its mask mandate for 14 days in response to rising cases on campus.

"All students and employees are required to wear face masks," Morris Brown College said Monday in an Instagram post. In addition to wearing masks, students and staff must practice "physical distancing" and refrain from gathering in large crowds.

"There will be no parties or large student events the next two weeks," the school wrote.

Some Democrats and left-wing figures have been unable to let go of mask mandates since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic—even in the face of evidence that they are unhelpful.

In May, the Washington, D.C., bar planned to require law school graduates to wear masks while taking its 12-hour-long exam. It reversed course the day after the Washington Free Beacon publicized its officials' intentions.

During a speech on the House floor in June, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.) said that "two-year-olds should have been required to wear masks." Earlier this month, Kavita Patel, a former Obama administration official, said of masks that it is "time to bring them out again."

Mask-wearing by the general public "probably makes little or no difference" in the spread of the coronavirus, according to a study of 78 randomized controlled trials conducted in January by the Cochrane Library, a world-renowned medical database.

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