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'Mask Girl' Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Kyung

Jun 26, 2023

The finale of Mask Girl is as gritty as expected. It’s a fierce fight between mothers and women who would do anything to protect their children. It’s the most intense episode of the show and finishes off quite cleanly. Sometimes redemption is not the end goal; it’s only revenge. Mask Girl is a great thriller drama with a lot of twists and turns that keep one hooked from start to finish. What is Kyung-Ja’s justice? How far will she go, and does Mo-Mi find her salvation in protecting her daughter? Let’s find out in the ending episode of Mask Girl.

Spoilers Ahead

After Kyung-Ja leaves the prison, she brings some snacks and returns home to Mi-Mo. On the other hand, Mo-Mi finds herself locked up again, and nobody wants to hear what she has to say about Kyung-Ja. Mi-Mo asks Kyung-Ja about a picture of Oh-Nam, her son, and Kyung-Ja replies that he’s gone somewhere far away. On the other hand, Mo-Mi asks Eun-Suk to help her get information about Kyung-Ja and her whereabouts. Eun-Suk agrees because Mo-Mi is giving her daughter her kidney, but she actually fakes all the details and gives Mo-Mi false information so that she can pretend to be on her side. Mo-Mi’s mother files a missing person’s complaint, but Mi-Mo calls her at the request of Kyung-Ja to inform her that she’s doing fine. Mi-Mo doesn’t wait for a reply and turns her phone off. At the same time, Mo-Mi calls her mother and starts to warn her about Kyung-Ja, but her mother doesn’t want to hear from her, so she cuts the call. Mo-Mi creates a scene in the prison and gets into trouble again.

Mo-Mi tries to call Mi-Mo’s school, but it’s not actually the school; it’s some random person’s number that Eun-Suk has for her. A random child answers, and Mo-Mi cuts the call because her time runs out. While Kyung-Ja buys supplies to tie Mi-Mo up and follow her plan, Mo-Mi asks Eun-Suk for pictures of her daughter going to school. Eun-Suk gets her people to take a random kid’s photo who resembles Mi-Mo. Mo-Mi pretends to appreciate the gift, but in her room, she tears up the photo because she actually knows it’s not her daughter.

When Kyung-Ja returns home, Mi-Mo is waiting to surprise her for her birthday. Kyung-Ja seems to waver from her plan because Mi-Mo is nice to her. Mi-Mo tells Kyung-Ja that she believes she’s her real grandmother and would like to treat her that way. She plans on getting her new clothes, sending her on trips, etc. Kyung-Ja puts a pill in Mi-Mo’s soup to sedate her before lunch. The next day, Mo-Mi has to leave prison for a kidney transplant. She is dressed in civilian clothes and sent out with one of Eun-Suk’s men and two police officers also dressed as civilians. At the hospital, Mo-Mi asks for a Bible because it’s a serious surgery, and she gets one of the officers to go fetch it for her. Then she asks the other if she can use the restroom.

Mo-Mi is able to distract her and beat her unconscious to steal her shoes and try to escape. By the time she figures out how to go, the other officer returns with the Bible, and Mo-Mi has no option but to jump out of the window. It’s a hard fall, and she has to do it a second time to reach ground level. She gets hit by a car, and as everyone huddles around, thinking she will collapse any moment after standing up, she takes the car of the person who hit her and drives away. On the other hand, Ye-Chun rushes to Mi-Mo’s grandmother and tells her that there is something weird about the tteokbokki grandmother. Mi-Mo’s grandmother has already found her address because she, too, has started feeling weird about her. They get in a taxi and head to her house. Mi-Mo’s grandmother lets Ye-Chun off in the middle, but Ye-Chun takes another cab and follows anyway.

Back in the house, Mi-Mo is tied up in the dungeon-like basement, and Kyung-Ja is trying to set up a camera to record her. Mi-Mo wakes up and realizes she’s been tied up. She tries to ask for help, but Kyung-Ja finally tells her that it’s not her fault she’s here; it’s because her mother chopped up Kyung-Ja’s son. Elsewhere, the car’s engine dies, and Mo-Mi has to hitchhike her way to the house. She gets a ride, and while they’re on the way, they hear the news about Mask Girl having escaped. They give a description of Mo-Mi, and Mo-Mi gets out of the car right there in the middle of nowhere. The person calls the police, but Mo-Mi runs up the hill. Earlier, she had called her mother and told her to call the police on Kyung-Ja because she is a dangerous woman. The police arrive and do a check, but find nothing. Just as they’re about to leave, one of them hears Mo-Mi scream, but then they get a call about Mo-Mi’s whereabouts. They have to rush to find her.

Mo-Mi’s mother arrives at the house and sneaks her way inside. Kyung-Ja finds her, and they have a physical fight. Kyung-Ja stabs Mo-Mi’s mother in the thigh, but she grabs onto her legs. Ye-Chun reaches her at the same time and goes down to get Mi-Mo. There’s a smell in the air because Kyung-Ja has already lit up some coal to kill Mi-Mo. She apologizes for having lied but tells her the truth about not spreading the rumors about her. She says she liked her, and that’s why she lied to her. Mo-Mi reaches the house and bashes Kyung-Ja in the head just before she kills Mo-Mi’s mother. She rushes down to help Mi-Mo and Ye-Chun, who don’t recognize her.

Mo-Mi is able to untie Mi-Mo, and when the three of them are about to leave, Kyung-Ja returns with a blood knife. It’s clear she’s done something to Mo-Mi’s mother. After some fighting, both of them see the gun in the room, and Mo-Mi tries to get Kyung-Ja away from it. They go at each other, and when Mo-Mi has her down, she tells the girls to get out of there. Mi-Mo and Ye-Chun find Mi-Mo’s grandmother bleeding profusely from the chest. Before she dies, she apologizes to Mi-Mo about everything. Mo-Mi and Kyung-Ja continue fighting, and then we see Mi-Mo’s perspective, waiting for one person to turn up victorious. They’re relieved when it’s Mo-Mi who comes back up.

The police arrive at the scene and point their guns at Mo-Mi. They tell her to put her hands up, and she obliges. Kyung-Ja, the woman who never dies, returns again with the gun in her hand. She tells Mo-Mi that she should understand what it feels like to lose her own child. Mo-Mi blocks the bullet with her own body, and the police shoot Kyung-Ja in the head. Mi-Mo cries as she holds her dead mother in her hands. Later, Ye-Chun’s family takes Mi-Mo in for some time. They continue to be friends, and Mi-Mo actually works hard in school. She stops dreaming about the Mask Girl. At the end of the show, she finds some tapes of her mother’s childhood. It’s a video of Mo-Mi dancing at age 6 or 7. After she finishes the performance, she has a huge smile on her face, and the MC asks her what she wants to do in the future. Mo-Mi replies that she just wants to be loved by everybody. Mi-Mo starts to cry while watching the video, and that’s where Mask Girl ends.

Mo-Mi’s dream was only to be famous and cheered on by others. She had the talent to do everything she wanted, but her insecurities, which stemmed from home to school to work, made her cover her face, which started a row of problems for her. In an idealistic world, Mo-Mi would’ve been a superstar with her ugly face, and everybody would’ve loved her for real.



Spoilers Ahead