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Rosslyn woman recounts the moments a man stole her car

May 26, 2023

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ARLINGTON COUNTY, Va. — A Rosslyn woman says she is living in fear after she says she was chased down inside her building's parking garage by a man who then stole her car.

Jane Mwinuka has called Rosslyn home for nearly 16 years.

"I have a different feeling right now that I'm not safe," she told WUSA9.

She says around 6 p.m. on May 1, she was pulling into her building's parking garage along North Oak Street when she noticed a man standing in the space between the first gate and the garage door.

As she swiped her fob key and the garage door opened, she says he ran inside. She told WUSA9 she went into the garage and looked in her mirror as she went past him.

"I saw him pulling something from his pocket. In a matter of seconds he started running towards me," she said.

She told WUSA9 he continued to chase after her as she drove through the garage.

"I was scared he was gonna kill me," said Mwinuka.

She says she drove close to the entrance of her building through the garage, jumped out of the car, leaving it running with her belongings still inside, and made a run for the doors.

"I scanned my fob and slammed the door and he actually came and pulled on the door as I was screaming for help," she says.

She told WUSA9 that she screamed for help as she watched the man get inside her car and take off. Mwinuka says she called 911 and police responded in minutes.

The next day, she got a call that her car had been found in Baltimore, but looked like this.

Since Jan. 1, 2023 up until Aug. 2, 2023, online crime mapping data shows 269 reported motor vehicle thefts in Arlington County.

That's compared to 261 this time last year and 474 reported in all of 2022.

Mwinuka told WUSA9 she wanted to share her story to bring awareness to what is happening and to remind people to stay alert.

"I don't want anyone to have the experience I have," she said.

As for the person who did this to her, she only asked why.

Arlington County Police shared the following tips to help prevent vehicle thefts

Property crimes, such as motor vehicle theft and larcenies from auto, are often crimes of opportunity. Regardless of vehicle make and model, police recommend following the below tips to help keep your vehicles and property safe.